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suicide hotline (otherwise called the cyanide pill, slaughter pill, deadly pill, demise pill, or L-pill) is a pill, case, ampoule, or tablet containing a lethally noxious substance that one ingests intentionally to rapidly accomplish passing through self destruction. Military and undercover work associations have given their representatives at risk for being caught by the adversary with self destruction pills and gadgets which can be utilized to stay away from an up and coming and unquestionably more unsavory demise, (for example, through torment), or to guarantee that they can’t be examined and compelled to reveal mystery data. Accordingly, suicide prevention hotline have significant mental incentive to people completing missions with a high danger of catch and interrogation.[1]

The expression suicide hotline is likewise utilized conversationally for a strategy or lawful activity set up by a foundation that has deadly or exceptionally upsetting ramifications for that organization if a specific occasion happens. Models are the toxin pill investors rights alterations embedded in corporate contracts as a takeover guard, and destroying corrections put on authoritative tabs.


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During World War II, English and American mystery administrations built up the “L-pill” suicide prevention hotline which was given to specialists going behind foe lines.[2] It was an oval container, around the size of a pea, comprising of a slim walled glass ampoule shrouded in earthy colored elastic to ensure against incidental breakage and loaded up with a concentrated arrangement of potassium cyanide.[citation needed] It very well may be conveyed in the mouth, molded as a bogus tooth; on the off chance that it was coincidentally gulped it would go innocuously through the body.[citation needed] To utilize, the specialist would clench down on the pill, pulverizing the ampoule to deliver the effective toxic substance. Heartbeat rapidly stops and mind passing happens inside minutes.[citation needed]

After the war, the suicide prevention hotline was offered to pilots of the U-2 observation plane, who were at risk for being destroyed and caught flying over Eastern Europe, however most pilots declined to take it with them.[3]

The Focal Knowledge Organization started exploring different avenues regarding saxitoxin, an amazingly powerful neurotoxin, during the 1950s as a trade for the L-pill. As per CIA Chief William Colby, a small saxitoxin-impregnated needle covered up inside a phony silver dollar suicide prevention hotline was given to Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot who was killed while flying over the USSR in May 1960.[4]

As per Previous CIA Head of Mask Jonna Mendez, the CIA shrouded poison pills in various things, including the covers of pens, and the casings of glasses. Agents would clamp down, and the toxic substance disguised inside would be delivered.


One of the goals of the Dieppe Assault in August 1942 was to find the significance and execution capacity of a German radar station on the bluff top toward the east of the French town of Pourville. To accomplish this, RAF Flight Sergeant Jack Nissenthall, a radar trained professional, was joined toward the South Saskatchewan Regiment. He was to endeavor to enter the radar station and become familiar with its privileged insights, joined by a little unit of 11 men of the Saskatchewans as guardians. Nissenthall chipped in for the mission completely mindful that, because of the profoundly touchy nature of his insight into Unified radar innovation, his Saskatchewan guardian unit were compelled to execute him if important to forestall him being caught. He additionally conveyed a cyanide pill as a last resort.[5]

German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had to end it all with a cyanide pill following his suggestion in the plot of July 20, 1944 against Hitler.

Toward the finish of World War II, Hitler’s partner Eva Braun and various driving Nazis, for example, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Philipp Bouhler and Martin Bormann passed on by self destruction utilizing deadly pills containing an answer of cyanide salts.

In 1985, chronic executioner Leonard Lake kicked the bucket by self destruction utilizing cyanide pills sewn into his garments after he was captured for having a silencer and an unregistered handgun, realizing that further examination concerning his life would uncover his more genuine violations.

In 1987, two North Korean specialists bit into ampoules covered up in the channel tips of cigarettes after they were confined in Bahrain as suspects in a plane besieging. One specialist died.[6]

During the Sri Lankan Common Battle somewhere in the range of 1987 and 2009, the self destruction planes of the Tamil Tigers wore a potassium cyanide accessory. On the off chance that they were caught by the Sri Lanka Armed force, they would nibble into the tablet toward the finish of the jewelry. Notwithstanding self destruction aircraft, since 1976 practically all Tamil tigers of LTTE wore self destruction pills. This is the most present day, wide-scale utilization of potassium cyanide as a self destruction tool.[7] The ladies were the most plugged, conveying a tablet clung to their tooth.[citation needed]


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